A full range of network services

Our experts have extensive experience delivering network services. We can bolster your network capability and support your business with ad hoc or regular resource at an affordable price.

Consultancy / Bid Support

We can help you meet your goals and solve your problems. Providing expert guidance and advice on products and technologies, offering strategic direction, surveys, auditing and improvements, options documents and price comparisons. Our experts have extensive experience producting proposals and supporting bids by providing input into RFP responses.


LAN, WAN, Datacentre, Internet, Cyber Security, Cloud, Voice, Wireless. These are just some of the areas we can help you with your solution design work. High and low level design, proof of concept, and product develop work are also available.


Our experts can ease the headache of purchasing network related products and services. We can work directly with vendors and providers on your behalf from initial engagement through to delivery. Anything from a single appliance to a full managed WAN or hosted infrastructure.


We can undertake anything from configuring a single switch through to rollout of a large green field network that includes many technologies and produce supporting documentation. The skill set and experience of our experts covers a wide range of products and services. They are able to work individually, as member of a team or lead a team of engineers.


Managing change can be difficult especially when it involves complex network infrastucture critical to your business. Our experts have a lot of experience working on and managing change in large transformation projects such as data centre and WAN migrations, network refresh, upgrades or decommissioning.


We can provide on-site and remote support including out of hours through a network of field based experts. Our services include proactive monitoring of your network, incident response, holding off-site spares and configuration back-up. Our experts can manage the full technology life-cycle including software patching and upgrades and configuration updates.

Our difference?
We've virtualised our business

In technology now the trend is to virtualise your infrastructure. That used to be about consolidation and saving costs, but now it's more about abstraction, flexibility and scale. We've taken the same approach towards our business -

We don't have big expensive offices because the majority of our work can be achieve remotely or at our clients' sites.

We don't have our own data centres because nowadays you don't need to, we prefer to have the choice and control of where we co-locate kit and store our clients' data.

Our core team is small and we bring in additional resource as and when we need to accomodate demand through a nework of experts that we've built relationships with. This means we stay agile and scale when we need to.

The Cost?
Less than you think

We have rate cards for the core services we provide, so you only need to spend what you need to, from as little as hour, up to a however long and often you like.

We believe that all businesses deserve the best no matter how small they are.

For larger jobs we can provide a competitive quote. Tell us your best price and we'll try very hard to beat it. We're not in the market of underselling ourselves, after all we consider ourselves experts, pride ourselves on providing an excelent service and get the job done but we also aim to be affordable.

Do Anything Else?
Absolutely, quite a lot

In addition to our core services we can supply and manage part or all of your network infrastructure and services.

If you have cloud and backup requirements have a chat with us. Whatever your setup we're sure we can add value.

Through our partner network we can offer support for your servers and applications too.